Message schedules can now also be done on WhatsApp Just like Facebook and Hootsuit App. Billions of people of the world use WhatsApp to send and receive messages every day. But often we forget to send a specific message at a particular time. This option of Message Schedule is for this purpose only. Message Scheduling can save you a lot of time. But actually WhatsApp does not provide this feature directly from its side. But there are some third party apps is available for this work, which can be help to schedule messages.

Schedule Whatsapp Messages By Using Apps

Schedule Whatsapp Messages


SKEDit Scheduling App is a free Android app by which you can schedule messages.  It also provides the option to schedule normal text messages, emails as well as WhatsApp. You can easily schedule birthdays, work emails, reminders etc.

SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls

Download it, create an account, write a message and set the time and time of posting. Just keep in mind that to use it, you have to remove the screen lock on your phone.


Wasavi is a free Android app with the help of which you can schedule a message after a few hours or days. The good thing is that it works with WhatsApp as well as other messenger apps. It also works with WhatsApp Business.

Wasavi: Schedule WhatsApp message, Tasks and Notes

With this app, you can also send messages to any person or group. Not only this, you can schedule messages on special days of the year such as birthday, anniversary, etc. a year in advance. Just download and give it access to read all contacts. After this, click on Schedule Message and type the message and set it to day and time.

Scheduled App

This app is for iPhone users. You will not have to jailbreak your phone to use it. With its help, you can write and schedule a message. It also supports LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter and other platforms along with WhatsApp.

Scheduled App for IOS
It can easily send messages based on events by syncing your calendar. This is the free version. But if you want, you can also buy a pro version with some special features.

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