TikTok is the fastest popular Short Video Social Media app in the world. Users can upload a video of 15 seconds to 1 minute on it and after editing, can share it with crores of people. But sometimes due to lack of complete knowledge, the user's TikTok Account becomes freeze. After Account Freeze, you cannot upload any video from your account. It is possible to unfreeze a TikTok Account. Know here how

What to do if TikTok Account is Freeze

You should try to uninstall and install TikTok App once before trying all the options. This is the first option because many times the account freezes due to a bug in your app. If after this the account is not unfreeze, then follow the option given below.

How to Unfreeze TikTok Account:

  1. Go to the home page of your TikTok profile.  Then click on the three points on the top right:
  2. After this, its Privacy & Settings will open.
    Here you have to click on Report a Problem:
  3. On the next screen you have to click on App Crashing / Lagging / Freezing:
  4. On this screen you have to click on Freezing:
  5. On this screen, because the question of your problem is not in the top three topics, you have to click on others:
  6. According to the instructions on this screen, click on Still Have Problem:
  7. On this screen you have to write your problem in the first block. The second is to enter a screenshot of your profile page and your email id. Then click on Send:

Mail to official EMail ID

If you want, write your problem in few words and send it in the official feedback box of TikTok along with the screenshot of your profile. For this, you have to send your mail to feedback@tiktok.com.

Note: TikTok has millions of users in the world. That is why it is not possible to see and mail every mail and complex. That is why you have to do this process again and again. And their mail will have to wait.


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