About the Server, all of you have heard somewhere, especially if the students have heard that whenever they are filling a form of competitive exams, sometimes it happens that to fill the form, It does not have to go to the website due to the excess load due to the above, because all of you will know how much is unemployment in our country and thousands of youth are struggling to get a job. So whenever a recruitment comes out in a public sector or private sector, millions of young people fill forms together, and for this reason, due to excessive load in the websites of those websites where the websites are stored in the data store, It closes.


In computing, the Server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices called "clients". This architecture is called the client-Server model, and it is distributed over over the entire computation multiple processes or devices.

It is often heard that the Server is down, so you would think that what is this Server? Or have you ever thought about the mechanisms that caused this page to reach you? Perhaps you are sitting in front of any computer / mobile now, and looking at this page in the browser. So, when you clicked on the link on this page, or type its URL (uniform resource locator), then what happened in the background before coming to the screen? To date we have just gone to different websites. But today we will know how the pages of those websites open on our mobile / laptop.

What Is Server?

Server is a computer program or computer machine that waits for a request from another computer machine or software and processed on request when the request arrives, the respondent responds to the request, the purpose of a Server between its users Sharing data or hardware and software resources.

The way Web Browser receives the data coming from the Internet in our computer, the same way the Server data is sent, it receives the data sent by our Web Browser Server.

The Server is a machine that stores our data. And our data shows on different web browsers when needed.

Server can be a computer that is designed to process requests on the internet or on a local network and to access data to other computers.

The word "Server" is taken from the web Server. Whenever we do some searches on the web browser, the web Server only sends that page to our browser.

However any computer running a particular software can work as a Server.
Simply put, "Server" is the software that stores our data and sends it to different web browsers.
However, the powerful hardware that supports this software is usually referred to as a Server.

Server can be a computer or a hardware device or computer program that is loaded into the computer so that it can send data and information to other computers. The job of the Server is to provide services to users of Internet, that is, to give users all the information they want to know. Just as we watch videos in YouTube or any information we search by visiting our device's web browser, whatever results we find on our device are stored on the website or channel data somewhere. Server provides us on sending our request.

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