How To Make Whatsapp Status Video With Android

How To Make Whatsapp Status Video With Android
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Monday, 22 April 2019
    How To Make Whatsapp Status Video With Android: Today, you will always find an app in every person's smartphone which we call Whatsapp. Today we see Whatsapp Status uploaded by our friends in Whatsapp's Status Tab in different types of Videos Status.

    But you may have come to your mind that how much better would I have been to make such a status by my Android Mobile.

    Friends Do not Worry Today I'm going to tell you how you can create Whatsapp Status with your Android Mobile.

    How To Make An Whatsapp Status Video With Android

    How To Make Whatsapp Status Video With Android Mobile

    Use Video Editing Software - You will need a video editing software to create your video status such as Kinemaster, Power Director and Quick etc.

    Video Editing Software

    Find The Genre - First you have to decide on a genre of your status, so that you can provide your viewers the status according to their mood.

    Genre System

    Choose Unique Song - To add to your status, you have to choose a very good and unique song that relates to your status genre.


    Decide Status Theme
    Think carefully about how the theme of your status will be. It may be based on lyrical, animated, or a movie song.

    Mood Emoji

    Use Software Tools  - Use the tools of software in a good and perfect way.

    Video Editing Software Tools

    Add Animation - You should use Animation in Lyrics, Photo, Video of your status.

    Maya Animation Dashboard

    Export - Export it according to your format in any format. Such as 720p, 1080p and 4k.

    Video Formats

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