Download play store on Tizen OS in Samsung Z Series

Download play store on Tizen OS in Samsung Z Series
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Thursday, 16 May 2019

    Samsung is one of the world's top smartphone companies.  Actually, this is the best-selling smartphone brand from Apple or Xiaomi in the world.  In order to compete with Google's Android operating system, Samsung also launched its own operating system Tizen OS.  But Samsung has not provided a lot of options at its App Store.  That's why they often ask questions on our question-answer forum, how to download Google Playstore on the phone running on Tizen OS.  Read this article to know the answers.

    Download PlayStore in Samsung Z TizenOS Phones

    Actually Play Store is an app store designed for devices running on the Android operating system.  Similarly, for the other phones of Samsung Z1 and Z Series running on Tizen operating system, there is an App Store called Tizen Store.

    In any case downloading the Tizen Store on the Play Store or vice-versa, i.e., it is impossible to download the Play Store on Tizen Store.
    It is not difficult to download cross platform appstore.

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