How To Update Android On Phone

How To Update Android On Phone
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Thursday, 16 May 2019
    How To Update Android On Phone

    Software update is very important for any Android device.  It is also very important for your phone.  It's very important to have an Android Phone Update if updates are available on your phone.  But how to update your phone?  If you have to update your phone or check if an update is available on your Android phone, then read this article.

    Update Android Phone Software

    You can follow the steps described below on OPPO, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, Google Phone, etc. on Android device.  However, there may be some differences between the user interface of some phones and models.

    First, go to Settings and click System Update.  After that click on Check Now or Check for updates.

    If an update appears, then click Download and Install.  The device will start updating as soon as it is pressed.

    During this process, your phone will be turned off and on at times.  Keep the phone's key battery charged more than 50%.
    If you are already writing this latest version when you open System Update, then understand that your device is already up-to-date:

    Update Android Phone Software

    At least once every month you must check out the Android Update available on your device.

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