Get SBI Account Mini Statement Instantly

State Bank of India, SBI is the largest bank in India.  It is the largest government bank in the country whose ATM and branch is in almost every block.  That's why for this bank it is necessary that they make banking easy for the common people.  Today, we will tell in this article how the Mini Statement of SBI Bank Account can be found instantly on your phone.  Read the method described below.

Get SBI Account Mini Statement Instantly

Actually this is one of the easiest ways.  All you have to do is lift your phone.  And that's an SMS from him.  But keep in mind, this is the same phone number that is registered in your SBI account.  You need to type this message by opening the SMS box: REG <Your Account Number> and send it to 09223488888:
That is, if your account number is 12345678901 then you will need to send this SMS: REG 12345678901.

 After this you will have a confirmation message.  While replying, you have to send MSTMT to 09223866666:
After this, a mini statement will be sent to your phone via an SMS.  I.e. complete information of the last 5 transactions:
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