If you are the student of primary or secondary school, you are on great place. Here I will share the essay on Wonders of Science with short dedicated Points. Let's begin.

Wonders Of Science

Outlines :-
1. Introduction
2. Scientists Investigation
3. Means of Transport
4. Means of Communication
5. Science in Medical World
6. Entertainment Possibilities
7. Conclusion

Essay on Wonders of Science


It is the age of Science. We are live in this age of science. Science has give us so many wonderful things which made our life comfortable and more easier. Science is Nothing but a systematic way of knowledge and living.

Scientists Investigation

Scientists have invented several things and Machines. Water boiling in a cattle has given us the idea of railway engine. Newton's has discovered the gravitational force by falling an apple.

Means of Transport

Science has given if very quick means of travelling, Now we can go hundreds of miles in few hours by Trains, Bus, Ships and Aeroplane etc.

Means of Communication

Science has given us very quick means of Communication through wireless Radio, TV (Television) Celular Phones and Telephones etc.

Science in Medical World

In Medical field, Science developed various kinds of medicines that cure the lots of Injuries like TB, Cancer, Ulcers etc. Surgery and Operation Treatment are possible with Science.

Entertainment Possibilities

Science has provided many things and possibilities that help us to reduce boring lifestyle and make the Entertaining lifestyle. Sciences give us the many ways of Entertainment Like Indoor and Outdoor games, Television, Radio etc.


Science is good but a bad master. It's completely dependent on how we are treat Science. Every coins have Two sides, same as Science is a gifts for us and curse also.

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