This article is for those people whose using Vivo Smartphones and They are trying to add Emergency number in Vivo Devices.

Today I will teaches you "How to Add Emergency Number in Vivo"

How to add Emergency Number in Vivo

Add Emergency Number in Vivo Smartphones

Step 1- Open the contact app.
Step 2- ☰ Click on the three underlined Menu.
Step 3- Tap on Emergency Contacts.
Step 4- Tap on + icon to Add Emergency Number.
Step 5- Enter the Name of the Contact.
Step 6- Put the work information of the contact. It is optional.
Step 7- Enter the Number of Contract's.
Step 8- Enter the Email address. (Optional - if you have)
Step 9- Tap on Save.

Hurray, Your Emergency Number is saved on Your Vivo Smartphone Successfully.

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