Somewhere you posted a photo on Instagram, but forgot to add filters, or tag someone, or do you want to change the lines written under the picture? No need to worry, There are many fields in this application that you can change.

If you want to edit and modify the photo after publishing it on Instagram, then follow the steps given below.

How to Edit or Modify Image after publishing

1.Open Instagram, access your profile and click on the publication you want to edit.  Then tap the three vertical dots at the top.

2.Select Edit from the displayed option.
3.Now you will be able to modify the hashtag and description
(1) Tag people
(2) Add location
(3) If you have already done so, change it.  After doing all this, when you are ready, tap
(4) blue tick to confirm the modification.

Keep in mind: It is not possible to edit the picture, whether it is applying new filters or any other retouching. (In this case it will not be in the same publication and the reaction you get will not be right). Now if you are not happy with this, you can delete it.

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