Cultural spaces have been closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, steps such as social distancing and lockdown have been taken. We are all now locked in our homes for several days. We understand that the government and the people are doing this only to protect themselves, and this is very important. But there is no need to worry. You can enjoy many things online from home. Whether you want to cut time somehow, or are looking for some creative, this article will help you. You will be able to access your best ways of entertainment from your living room.

Timepass During Corona Lockdown

Art, Gallery and Museum

By the way, when it comes to the lockdown in the house for weeks, the attention of art, gallery and museum does not come first in anyone's mind.  But if you have been going to such places continuously, then this long lockdown will definitely make you difficult.

Never mind, Thanks to Google Art and Culture, you will be able to access more than 500 art galleries and museums in Google Art and Culture. Many renowned galleries and museums have their own virtual collections. If you are interested in this, then read this article, you will get full information about how to view galleries and museums online for free.

If you want to use this quarantine to further improve your drawing and painting skills, there are some sites such as artists network. Here you can learn this skill and new technique. Both guides and video tutorials written here will be found.

Listen Music

If you cannot live without music, then here are many options for you:

Spotify: - Download Spotify. Listen to music here, create and share playlist.

Last FM: -  is an online music service. Online music can be heard here. You can find and listen to new artists here as well as share them with your friends.

Youtube Concerts: - Hundreds of free Youtube concerts are also available to enjoy the music.

SoundCloud: - If you are interested in creating your own music, you can upload your songs here with the help of Soundcloud. Even, you can browse your favorite artist in SoundCloud, and also find new artists.

Operavision: - If you are an opera lover then you will get a big selection of opera in Operavision. Just listen and zoom.

Moong Music and Korg: - To forget the lockdown issue, Moog Music and Korg have released their synthesizer app for free. This will help those musicians who are now sitting at home.

Make Your Music

If you want too, you can learn many musical instruments. There are many websites which are offering free service:

Movies & Series

If you are a fan of movies and TV series, then there are countless options to watch them. These are so many, that if you start watching them, what is a month, you cannot watch all the movies and episodes in a year.

Largest streaming catalog is Netflix. So you if you want to take full Fayd your Netflix subscription visit.

It has one of the newest options, Disney +.  How to begin to see the Disney Plus, and how to take full Fayd it, you'll need to click here to find out.

By the way, if you do not have a subscription to Netflix or Disney Plus and you are looking for free options, then it is possible.  Here we are talking about some sites.  These sites you can watch free movies and series:
  • Open Culture, here you can watch 1150 free movies.
  • Popcornflix, there are 1500 free movies and series. These screen media support Ventures.


If you are Book Lover, but the house fell paperback is bookless, please tell that there are several online sources where you can read whatever books. You can try these free online library. Here you will receive literature, poetry, academic books all:

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