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Today almost everyone has a smartphone, computer available as well as an internet connection. I have often seen people running the internet in their mobile or computer throughout the day. They keep searching for entertainment, education, medicine and Internet in every field. In today's modern times Internet usage has increased a lot. But do you know that these are those who find solutions to your questions on the Internet, how do they appear before you in a few seconds?

Domain Name Extension

All these questions you search on the Internet are answered by a search engine. There are plenty of search engines available in the Internet world, which reveal the results of your keywords according to their algorithm.

This means that whatever query you enter on a search engine through the Internet, it shows you the relavant result on your mobile or computer screen according to your query.

But is it limited to this? Is it so easy?

Friends, this is only half truth. Sometimes you have thought deeply about that the result of which we are being displayed on our mobile screen by the search engine, came from someone in that search engine? Is any search engine able to solve so many queries in a few seconds?

Friends, this is the number of search engines that provide us the indexed results, these are none other than those provided by you and me. No search engines automatically provide results.

Actually when an article or post is published on a blog or website by a blogger or website developer such as "What is a Domain Name"? And after that when any search engine bots, robots visit your website or blog, then they crawl that article or post and index your article in your search engine. After that, the search engine will evaluate your article with the help of your algorithm and then you will decide the ranking of your article.

In this case, when any person will search in the search engine "What is a Domain Name"? Then the search engine will find this keyword within your article and show it in the first, second or third page in its result.

Which page will now rank your article, will depend on many factors such as how many words are there in content ie content, how many images are used, how well the keyword has been used. And the biggest factor in all of these is the domain name extension, which means that if you visit the website you should have seen the URL of a website like "gyanesh.in" in which "gyanesh" is the domain name and that is ".in" It has an extension. These extensions give signal to the search engine that the website gives the priority to which country the perticular.
A large number of domain name extensions are present on the Internet world.

In today's article I will tell you about World's top level domain name extensions, which will help you to learn about them. Let's start.

Domain Name Extension List:


  • Domain.accountants Rs.8,590/year Buy
  • Domain.academy Rs.2,150/year Buy
  • Domain.actor Rs.2,870/year Buy 
  • Domain.agency Rs.1,440/year Buy
  • Domain.airforce Rs.2,150/year Buy 
  • Domain.apartments Rs.4,300/year Buy
  • Domain.app Rs.1,010/year Buy 
  • Domain.army Rs.2,150/year Buy 
  • Domain.associates Rs.2,150/year Buy 
  • Domain.attorney Rs.2,870/year Buy 
  • Domain.auction Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.band Rs.1,440/year Buy
                    • Domain.bargains Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.bike Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.bingo Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.biz Rs.1,080/year Buy 
                    • Domain.boutique Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.builders Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.business Rs.860/year Buy


                    • Domain.ca Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cab Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cafe Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.camera Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.camp Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.capital Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cards Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.care Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.careers Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cash Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.casino Rs.9,304/year Buy 
                    • Domain.catering Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cc Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.center Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.charity Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.chat Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cheap Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.church Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.city Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.claims Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cleaning Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.clinic Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.clothing Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.club Rs.940/year Buy 
                    • Domain.co Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.coach Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.codes Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.coffee Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.com Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.community Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.company Rs.1,010/year Buy 
                    • Domain.computer Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.com.mx Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.condos Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.construction Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.consulting Rs.2,150/year  Buy 
                    • Domain.contractors Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cool Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.coupons Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.co.in Rs.790/year Buy 
                    • Domain.co.nz Rs.1,360/year Buy 
                    • Domain.co.uk Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.credit Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.creditcard Rs.9,304/year Buy 
                    • Domain.cruises Rs.3,580/year Buy


                    • Domain.dance Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.dating Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.deals Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.degree Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.delivery Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.democrat Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.dental Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.dentist Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.design Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.dev Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.diamonds Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.digital Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.direct Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.directory Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.discount Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.dog Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.domains Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.education Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.email Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.energy Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.engineer Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.engineering Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.enterprises Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.equipment Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.estate Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.events Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.exchange Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.expert Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.exposed Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.express Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.fail Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.family Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fan Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.farm Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.finance Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.financial Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fish Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fitness Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.flights Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.florist Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.football Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.forsale Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.foundation Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fr Rs.720/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fun Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fund Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.furniture Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.futbol Rs.940/year Buy 
                    • Domain.fyi Rs.1,440/year Buy


                    • Domain.gallery Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.games Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.gifts Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.gives Rs.2,150/year Buy
                    • Domain.glass Rs.2,870/year Buy
                    • Domain.gmbh Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.gold Rs.8,590/year Buy
                    • Domain.golf Rs.4,300/year Buy
                    • Domain.graphics Rs.1,440/year Buy
                    • Domain.gratis Rs.1,440/year Buy
                    • Domain.gripe Rs.2,150/year Buy
                    • Domain.group Rs.1,440/year Buy
                    • Domain.guide Rs.2,870/year Buy
                    • Domain.guru Rs.2,010/year Buy


                    • Domain.haus Rs.2,010/year Buy 
                    • Domain.healthcare Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.hockey Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.holdings Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.holiday Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.hospital Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.host Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.house Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.how Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.immo Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.immobilien Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.in Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.industries Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.info Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.ink Rs.2,010/year Buy 
                    • Domain.institute Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.insure Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.international Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.investments Rs.5,730/year Buy 
                    • Domain.io Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.irish Rs.1,010/year Buy


                    • Domain.jetzt Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.jewelry Rs.4,300/year Buy
                    • Domain.jp Rs.2,870/year Buy


                    • Domain.kaufen Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.kitchen Rs.2,870/year Buy


                    • Domain.land Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.lawyer Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.lease Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.legal Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.life Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.lighting Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.limited Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.limo Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.live Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.llc Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.loans Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.ltd Rs.1,440/year Buy


                    • Domain.maison Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.management Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.market Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.marketing Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.mba Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.me Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.media Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.memorial Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.moda Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.money Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.mortgage Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.movie Rs.22,910/year Buy 
                    • Domain.mx Rs.4,300/year Buy


                    • Domain.navy Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.net Rs.860/year Buy 
                    • Domain.network Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.news Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.ninja Rs.1,360/year Buy


                    • Domain.online Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.org Rs.860/year Buy


                    • Domain.page Rs.720/year Buy 
                    • Domain.partners Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.parts Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.photography Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.photos Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.pictures Rs.790/year Buy 
                    • Domain.pizza Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.plumbing Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.plus Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.press Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.productions Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.properties Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.pub Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.pw Rs.650/year Buy


                    • Domain.recipes Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.rehab Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.reise Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.reisen Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.rentals Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.repair Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.report Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.republican Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.restaurant Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.reviews Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.rip Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.rocks Rs.940/year Buy 
                    • Domain.run Rs.1,440/year Buy


                    • Domain.sale Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.salon Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.sarl Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.school Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.schule Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.services Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.shoes Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.shopping Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.show Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.singles Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.site Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.soccer Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.social Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.software Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.solar Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.solutions Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.soy Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.space Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.store Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.studio Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.style Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.supplies Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.supply Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.support Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.surgery Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.systems Rs.1,440/year Buy


                    • Domain.tax Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.taxi Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.team Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.tech Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.technology Rs.1,440/year Buy
                    • Domain.tennis Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.theater Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.tienda Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.tips Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.tires Rs.8,590/year Buy 
                    • Domain.today Rs.1,440/year Buy Domain.tools Rs.2,150/year Buy Domain.tours Rs.4,300/year Buy Domain.town Rs.2,150/year Buy Domain.toys Rs.2,870/year Buy Domain.training Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.university Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.us Rs.860/year Buy


                    • Domain.vacations Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.ventures Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.vet Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.viajes Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.video Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.villas Rs.3,580/year Buy 
                    • Domain.vin Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.vision Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.voyage Rs.3,580/year Buy


                    • Domain.watch Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.website Rs.1,440/year Buy 
                    • Domain.wiki Rs.2,010/year Buy 
                    • Domain.wine Rs.4,300/year Buy 
                    • Domain.works Rs.2,150/year Buy 
                    • Domain.world Rs.2,870/year Buy 
                    • Domain.wtf Rs.2,150/year Buy


                    • Domain.xyz Rs.860/year Buy


                    • Domain.zone Rs.2,150/year Buy
                    The list of all the domains that I have told you here is the price of all these provided by Google for India, all these domain providers sell domains with their own price. All this is available by Google.

                    If a blogger is reading this article, then let me tell you that all these domain name extensions can be approved by Google Adsense.

                    So hopefully you must have liked this information, so share it with social media and your friends.

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